Monday, June 25, 2012

5 Gum "Mission Icefly"
        This was a great experience to work on because of the level of complexity to the locations and the art direction given due to the back story on the project. My paintings were used as backgrounds to an online ARG game that one could play using codes found in the packaging of the 5 Gum boxes. I had a blast trying to depict what the environment for this facility looked and felt like. If  you are not familiar with the advertising campaign and its back story, you gotta check it out! Hope you all like these paintings. 

Here are also some links to sites that might help explain the 5 Gum mission. One of them actually used a close up of my painting as the header! Check them out and read up on this project, here are the links underneath. The first one is a short video on the human preservation project and if u sit tight till the end my paintings show up. Click on the screen to go forward when u get there. Cheers!

Mattel- "BIG BOOTS" toy commercial 

       This project was so much fun for me and a learning experience also. It is a toy commercial where the Mattel characters come to life and save the day as exciting and high energy fire fighters. I painted the backgrounds as well as the textures that were projected onto 3D geometry to simulate a city backdrop. Hope you like em! I will post the video when the commercial comes out in mid July.

Disney Universe video game E3 Trailer BG

This was a Matte I did for the E3 release of Disney's "Disney Universe" video game. The Video Game incorporates many of the beloved Disney characters along with some Pixar characters as well. My Painting came out towards the end of the trailer when the characters are in the Alice in Wonderland level, as they make their way through the maze. I have placed a short clip only of the section that shows when the painting appears in the commercial. Check it out its a real fun one.

ABC Family- "25 Days of Christmas"

This was a cool project to work on during the holiday season. It was fun to paint the "Happy" clouds in the background as well as paint the trees that wizzz past the camera. U almost cant tell they're not 3D! I also had part in the layout and composition of the 3D christmas elements on the side. Me and my buddy Andreas Theodorou teamed up to make this one happen. Great job shadedbox.
Image from final commercial.

Supreme Birds Short

           This is a short still being worked on at the time by Shadedbox studios. Cant wait to see it all come together! Be sure to stay posted with my friend Lindsey Lydecker's blog to see some of her fabulous animation when its done.

Toy Story "Command Center" Stop motion BG's

       This project was a blast to work on because it makes one feel like a kid again! It was a toy-mation stop motion piece done for Mattel toys thru Shadedbox studios. I had the task of providing the backgrounds for the whole thing since it was all shot on blue screen and then composited after. The art direction was geared towards keeping it feeling like it was all childsplay. Most of the story takes place underneath the kids bed. There was a ton of rotoscoping that had to be done to make this happen. It was alot of movie magic to say the least. Hope you enjoy!